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​We can carry out the gas safety checks for the appliances in the property, for oil systems we can check the boiler and tank are done.

We offer digital certificates which means you can store them on your computer, external hard drive or where ever you like and you will also have it as an email.

Having it digital means it can be printed as many times as it may need doing. There is no looking for them through filing cabinets and it has a yearly reminder so you don't need to remember the dates of all the properties should you have more than one.

We can take payments online which will need to clear before we attend or payments can be made in person at the property we can also accept payments on a monthly basis. 

Should you need an electrical check we can also recommend an electrician. Electrical safety is also the responsibility of a landlord and although not a legal requirement at the moment having it checked will show you take your responsibility seriously.

Many landlord have been told having a carbon monoxide is mandatory. This is true if you have a solid fuel appliance i.e wood burner. As an engineer I would recommend having a carbon monoxide alarm fitted with any gas, oil or solid fuel appliance. Not only does it show tenants you are looking after there safety should anything go wrong they will be alerted. It is not always the appliances in a property which can set an alarm off, it could be a neighbours appliance, vehicle fumes or other external factors. We can supply and fit these when carrying out work.​​

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