Terms And Conditions

1:Work will be undertaken during working hours of 09:00-1700 Monday to Friday, Saturdays to Sundays are left for emergency work only and will be charged at £60.00 per hour. (£72 inc VAT)
2:Any amendments to your original order will need to be made in writing, when the quotation can be adjusted accordingly.
3:All quotations are provided free of charge and with no obligation to proceed. All quotations will be based on the information made available at the time and could be subject to change under certain circumstances.
4: The 1st hour of any work is charged at the hourly rate of £35 per hour (£42 inc VAT)
5:Fault finding/ investigation will be charged accordingly and this price will be deducted from your final invoice if you choose EAC Property Services Ltd to complete the necessary repairs as diagnosed.
6:Where a flue passes through an outside wall we will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that when filling the hole, this matches the existing wall finish, but exact matching cannot be guaranteed.
7:Carpet/flooring may need to be lifted to install pipework, in such an event EAC Property Services Ltd endeavours to return the carpet/floor to as near as original condition as possible. Although it is important to note that I am a heating engineer and not a carpet fitter. On occasion a carpet fitter will be used dependant on availability.
8: Power flushing to remove debris from a central heating system can on rare occasions, expose previously undetectable faults, weak points or breaches. EAC Property Services Ltd cannot be held responsible for any such pre-existing conditions which might be revealed, or for any resulting damage which might occur.
9:Installing a boiler will not affect individual radiators or cause them to cease working. If there are previously faulty radiators on the system, they may need to be replaced, resulting in an additional charge.
10:When installing a new boiler it may come to light that new pipe work may also need to be installed due to difference in diameter between existing pipework and the new boiler. In such cases an additional charge may be incurred.
11:All gas and water piping will be installed and insulated according to appropriate standards. Pipe work will be concealed, wherever possible, however this will be at the discretion of the company.
12:The company  will remove all waste upon completion of the installation. This includes unused materials and disconnected copper cylinders. (Any work undertaken results in the waste becoming classed as industrial waste and needs to be disposed of accordingly!) We hold a valid waste carrier license to be able to remove this waste.
13:All materials and workmanship are guaranteed for 12 months following completion of all works, this excludes issues resulting from normal wear and tear. A written guarantee will not be required as all records of work carried out and materials purchased are retained for 6 years. ( some materials I.e boilers will carry a manufacturers warranty which usually exceeds 12 months and will be advised on quoting)
14:You the customer will have 28 days from the initial quotation in which to accept.
15:Any workmanship that is not to the satisfaction of the customer needs to be reported within 28 days of completion. When an agreement has been made between both parties all agreed remedial work will be completed free of charge.
16:Payment in full is due on the day of completion of work. All materials, fixtures and fittings used will remain the property of EAC Property Services Ltd until the account is settled in full. Failure to pay an outstanding account can result in legal action and the possible removal of installed items.
17:Any work over £250 will require a minimum of 20% deposit before any work will be started.
18:Personal information is given with the knowledge we do not pass on any personal information other than to register product warranties and this is only done with your consent.
19:Personal information is stored in a secure filing cabinet the only information secured this way is certificates payment agreements and copy of invoices for our records only and is locked when not in use.
20:Digital personal information is stored in a data base that is run by another company and has its own high security. We have checked and are satisfied with the protection in place for any system we use. We are happy to pass on the details of the companies used should you wish to look at the data protection for them.
21:Complaints are to be made in writing or email to eacps62@gmail.com at the earliest opportunity to give us time to rectify the situation. We aim to reply within 24 hours!
22: We offer a boiler service on a monthly payment agreement and agree to include labour for 3 other types of work see clause 25, this is not an insurance product it is a prepayment method in which we agree a reduced labour cost to you! We do this as we will book your service for next year and helps us plan our work load when signing up.
23: Customers wishing to pay on a monthly plan with us do so agreeing to the contracted time of 12 months.
24: On a monthly payment plan Saturday work maybe booked between the hour of 10am-2pm subject to availability.
25: The monthly plan is to cover any labour costs to the work carried out for maintenance or repair to the existing plumbing and heating in the property on the agreement. It excludes things like adding an outside tap, replacing an appliance, power flushing.
26: Replacing a boiler on a payment plan still has the terms and condition as stated above, we will replace the boiler at the address on the plan for £200+VAT for a like for like boiler and £400 for changing i.e heat only boiler with a cylinder for a combi boiler. This price does not including the parts (boiler, pipe work etc).
27: Power flushing a system will only be carried out with the agreement a filter will be fitted if not already done so. The cost of a power flush on the monthly plan will be £100 + VAT up to 10 radiators then £10 per radiator on top. This does not include the price for a filter or the chemicals needed to carry out the power flush.
28: The payment plan is not a breakdown service! We will do our best to attend to you should this occur in a reasonable time frame.
29: We are a small business with the vision to expand, we do need to take time off every now and again. Should you need us while away we will try and source someone else to attend with the labour costs paid by ourselves if on a payment plan.
30: You are responsible for arranging a standing order for monthly payments, should you miss payment and previous work was carried out will be invoiced with our standard labour charge as stated above.
31; The address on the plan can be changed if moving but will start a further 12 month agreement and clause 30 will not apply. If you move and do not start a new plan within the 12 months and not decide not to stay with us clause 30 will apply.
32: Payments to be made on the 1st of the month or next working day, invoices will be sent by the 5th confirming payment.
33: On a final note we understand that things happen and appointments need to be changed we are happy to rearrange appointments given notice. We will only do this 3 times unless a reasonable time frame has been given as we can only run if we are working. Cancelled appointments stop this happening!

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