Almost all heating systems can be improved or upgraded in some way. By taking the initiative to do this helps your system to run its best and in most cases helps save money heating your home over time.

The most common upgrade around is smart controls which we can fit. 

Testing the water quality is another very over looked was to improve the system, the fluid going around your radiators can turn into a sludge and reduce performance. Restricting water flow to your radiators, reducing the life of parts by making them work harder and failing prematurely.

A way to help with sludge build up is to have a system filter fitted which will catch the smaller particles before they build up and cause issues. This will only capture what is being produced and will not give the same results a power flush would if the system is in a poor condition a power flush and filter is recommended. A site assessment would be recommended.

Scale reducers are installed not just on combi boilers as often seen but can be also fitted to unvented cylinders helping to reduce the limescale build up that can build up restricting water flow, blocking filters and can cause safety valves to fail early. 

Thermostatic radiators valves if not fitted can cause some rooms to get hotter than needed while waiting for the desired temperature to be reached in other room Having a thermostatic valve gives you more control over a rooms temperature allowing the boiler to focus the heating to the rooms needing it. Smart versions are now appearing more and becoming a less expensive option.

These are the main ways to improve a heating system if you would like more details or a quote to have an upgrade carried out please use our contact page.

Nest smart thermostat

Inline scale reducer

Standard type thermostatic valve

Smart style thermostatic valve

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